Rochelle Greayer - Founder/ Editor Leaf Magazine

Rochelle GreayerLeaf Editor & Co-founder…

…I’ve had a few careers. The Highlights (in no particular order):

  • Mach 1.2 in the back seat of an F-14
  • Launching Russia’s first commercial satellite
  • Planting a giant Sequoia tree

Other Stuff: Love ‘Truck Songs’ – a super special mix tape heard only in my flare side Ford pick-up while on plant buying and flea market adventures. Still relish the day I was mistaken for Gwyneth Paltrow. I know that there is nothing better than Colorado roots, Montana blood and a rancher’s sensibility. If it is in the plant kingdom and its chartreuse, or grassy, or both – I want it. Can’t own enough pairs of Seven jeans. Thinks Rhinestone Cowboy and Grease were two of the best things about the 70s. Wears Sambas to garden and Hunters to work. Endless wanderlust will forever keep me in good supply of cocktail stories.

Susan Cohan - founder/ editor Leaf Magazine

Susan CohanLeaf Editor & Co-founder…

So…there are lots of places to find out about the official me, but here, I want to share what’s really important. I am a Jack-Russell owning, image addicted, avid reading, coffee drinking, workaholic design junkie with gypsy feet and a passion for outdoor spaces.There, I said it. If you can connect the dots between those things you have most of the pertinent information.If you need some facts…I am also a practicing residential landscape designer and a founder of Leaf who believes that great design should permeate everything we live with. I have an affinity for contemporary design but also love antiques and traditional design. I’m just full of contradictions and to make it worse I have ‘next shiny thing’ syndrome and flit from object to object. Oh, just one more thing…I love a good gin Martini.

Lynn Felici-Gallant, Managing Editor…

My mother was right. I was destined to be a writer. Instead of heeding her advice, I set off on a career path that included a stint as a cocktail waitress in a country and western bar, a law practice, and a garden design business. In between, I dabbled in marketing, management, and merchandising for companies too numerous to recall. Restless, I returned to writing. And editing. I live a quiet life that includes a husband I am as crazy for as when I first met him singing to kids around a campfire. Together we, and our Golden Retriever, travel on Sundays through back roads to nowhere in a Jeep. We host magical parties with fabulous food and drinks and even bigger bonfires. I throw like a guy, bat like a champ, and play a mean left field. I think nature has all the answers.