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What It Takes To Compose A Perfect Outline For An Essay?

An essay is a short account of a particular event or happening or phenomenon, written within a specified word count, and, usually, depicts the author’s opinions and concerns about it. These are an integral part of curriculums in both schools and colleges, and are one of the most popularly assigned homework tasks. The ideal composition sets itself apart from all the rest by following certain guidelines and ensuring that it is of the best standard.

Listing the pros and cons

In case of an argumentative essay, the student must list out the pros and cons of the issue mentioned in the topic, before actually starting to write the composition. This ensures that the student knows whether to go for or against the motion. It also helps the student list all the points that he or she shall be incorporating in the body of the written piece. This list need not be elaborate, just the basic key words to help the student understand what he or she had written, is sufficient.

Understanding the concept

The student must, first and foremost, endeavour to understand what the composition should be about. This means that understanding the topic provided is an absolute must. The student should be clear and firm on how he or she wishes to interpret the topic given. This interpretation and the explanation of it will form the fundamental backbone of the composition. Doing a little research work on the central matter is also a good idea.

Including literary sources

It is true, and rather important, that the composition must be the original intellectual property of the student. Plagiarism is not only an ethical offence but can also fetch the student severe penalties and a bad reputation. However, quoting the words of reputed personas is not forbidden. This is known as citing sources. However, the quote must always be relevant to the context of the composition. Also, the student must be very careful while citing these sources; proper usage of punctuation marks, correct placement of quotation marks, giving due credit to the person who had actually spoken the words, is necessary.

Making it personal

  • The student should always:
  • Make the composition personal and touching.
  • Ensure that it has the desired effect on the audience.
  • Use the writing piece as a way to showcase a part of his or her unique take on a specific matter.
  • Try and be unorthodox, without being scandalous.

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