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On The Equality Of The Sexes

Many people can see some of the different characteristics and traits that significantly sets male and female apart in most living organisms. Sometimes these studies become so interesting to a student that they pursue relevant classes in this field as soon as they were able. Basically, I am going to write about the most outstanding reasons why there should be a definitive separation between man and woman in terms of occupation and general activities. At the end of this paper you should learn just how unfortunate, yet rewarding being a particular gender is in this world.

Accordingly to the majorly accepted presumptions and interpretations of the ancient times through excavated artifacts there are strong signs of segregation between the sexes. These experts say that due to the heavy rivalry and contention among the different tribes that ancient man had formed, many men both adult and adolescent were warriors. Within this state of warfare there would have been many casualties thus, decreasing the male population considerably. I seriously doubt that modern woman could withstand such carnage and family loss. Imagine a village where the men assembled to defend their way of life and the insurgent side obliterated over half the army before regrouping to strike again. If they were to be victorious at days end, many homes would sleep that night without a father. The father provides many of the basic everyday needs that his home may require so in his absence great strain will be placed on the eldest male and the mother. These newly appointed heads of the house, more often than not, fail to meet the strength and skill requirements that is necessary to have in order to successfully perform some critical daily chores. One should see by now how devastating things can get when a family gets struck with calamity of this magnitude.

Think now how things could have turned out if the aggressive adult were the females who were naturally weaker than their male half. The casualties would have been tremendously greater which could allow the enemy faction to break through the defenses and plunder the village. How easier would it be to erase an entire civilization with all their unique and wonderful customs if this were the case? What can be said about today’s woman who tries so hard to equate themselves with their opposite sex after considering these tidbits of information? In the end one should clearly understand that ideals and desires do change as society evolves.

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