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Crafting A Perfectly Written Essay About Different Kinds Of Love

Thousands of essays have been written about love. More will still be written in the years to come. Only an outstanding on will be regarded as perfect. A perfect paper captures the imagination of the reader from the title and leaves an impression all the way to the end. It is also clear and based on facts about love. Consider the following tips when crafting the paper.

The Title Matters

There are millions of things you can say about love. Since this is a common topic, you need to be very creative with the title. Choose words and phrases that make the reader curious of your content. From the title, the reader should easily deduce the perspective you are taking with your paper. The reader should also identify the specific issues being addressed in your work. The length of your paper should ensure that the issues are adequately addressed without being too brief or too wordy.

Pay Attention to the Introduction

The introduction allows you to usher your reader into your thoughts. Work on the introduction ensuring that it is catchy and arouses curiosity. Some of the tricks you may use for your introduction include quoting statistics on love, giving a story or giving a quote. The reader will be interested in identifying the relationship between your story and the content of your essay. Make the introduction brief and captivating.


A lot has been said about love at different grades and platforms. It might therefore prove difficult to find new information on the topic. However, with research, you will find captivating ideas that will anchor your work. You will also find other authors who share in your thinking and thus use their arguments to strengthen your ideas. By reading the works of other authors, you will avoid mundane arguments that have dominated the subject for years. It gives you new perspectives that make your paper fresh and captivating.

Look for a Sample

A good paper adheres to writing rules. Its title is carefully selected and corresponds with the content of the body. The thesis statement is well written and positions with the paper capturing the different sections accurately. A proofread sample will provide a writing guide. It is obtained from your teacher, library or a reliable writing agency.

Love is a common essay topic and therefore requires creativity to execute. Find new materials, illustrations, statistics, etc to make your work captivating. The essay should adhere to general writing rules.

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