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The Truth About Vaccines

Vaccines have their origin firmly rooted in the brink of the nineteenth century, in the year 1796 when Edward Jenner from Berkeley, England performed the very first vaccination known to man. Simply put, a vaccine is like an insurance policy; get your child injected and rest assured that he or she will remain protected from illness. But new developments are now coming into play, such as: the use of mercury in vaccines, the supposed assumption that they cause autism, their questionable ability to protect against sickness; all such speculations are turning something that was once considered a god-send into something that attracts suspicion and mistrust.

Parents and Vaccines

When the idea of vaccines was first introduced, and when its use garnered widespread acceptability, people were eager to shoo away their kids to clinics and centers to get injected. Pain and discomfort during the process was not even a blip on their radar; they only cared about protection that the vaccine offered their kids. But slowly, as the world moved towards a more polished, sheltered era, the dynamics changed.

It can be pointed out that aside from doubts concerning their validity, perhaps there is a whole other reason for why some parents are suddenly dead-set against getting their children vaccinated. It’s not that parents have become complacent. In fact, they might now think that going for vaccination for your child is a sign of careless complacency. Parents now want to avoid putting their children through unnecessary pain. Instead, they look towards what they think is a more natural way of doing things; exercise, good food, and a healthy lifestyle.

The Dangers of the Unseen

In a world that is becoming more and more centered around goals and planning ahead, it is becoming difficult to live in the here and now. For example, parents have latched on to the claim that vaccines cause autism in children; a far-off, obscure possibility. They avoid vaccines at all costs because they think they will set their child on a path of absolute ruin with a life-long, constricting condition. However, they don’t consider the fact that while they are enjoying watching their kid skiing and surfing, the risks of them being hurt and possibly killed are flying sky high. Although it might be true that vaccines nowadays are doing more harm than good, we need to open our eyes and realize that they are not a bigger danger than those our kids face every day.

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