Quality Writing Lessons: How to Always Hand in a Perfect Writing Essay

In order to turn in the best academic papers, students should make sure that they use the following steps.

Begin Immediately

As soon as the student knows that they will need to write an essay, they should immediately begin working on it. There are always emergencies, final exams or quizzes that may detract from the student's attention later on, so it is important to begin writing right away. Weeklyessay.com is the best essay writing company on the market right now. On the first day that the essay is handed out, students should spend time thinking of a topic. Once the topic is chosen, students should begin the research process.

Answer the Right Question

Teachers have a clear idea about what they want in an essay. They will express this in the writing prompt, so it is up to the student to read through the prompt carefully. If the student does not answer the question asked in the writing prompt, they will ultimately be marked down by the teacher.

Make a Strong Thesis Statement

Although the entire point of writing is to support an argument, many papers are turned in without a good thesis statement. The student's teacher will be looking for the thesis statement immediately after they begin reading. If there is not a thesis statement or it is not particularly strong, they will immediately drop the student's grade. Students who are not sure about how to make a strong argument should visit the college's writing center or ask their professor for help.

Do Not Use Too Many Quotes

A quote can be an excellent way for the student to support their argument, but there it is possible to have too much of a good thing. If students are using too many quotes in their paper, it will make it seem like the student was unable to describe the idea in their own words. The teacher may assume that the student did not actually understand the material, or they may think that the student was using quotes to try to fill the word count requirement.

Follow the Rules

If the paper is supposed to be four pages long, students need to make sure that they fill the entire space. Teachers know all of the font sizing tricks that students use to fake a long paper. Instead of trying to add in long quotes or changing the font size on periods, students should just write the paper to fill the length. In addition, they should make sure that they are following any of the other rules that the teacher has set out.

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Ask the Teacher for an Example

Teachers will often assign the same writing prompt every year. This means that the teacher will often retain some of the best examples from a previous class in their office. Students can visit their teacher after class or during office hours to ask for an example. Afterward, the student should study the example to figure out the style that is expected from them.