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How Do You Compose An Essay On Short Term And Long Term Goals?​

Essay about goals should be a fairly easy task for a student to do, because they can easily write from their own experience. For instance, your short term goal is not to be late today for school and by doing so you can fulfil your long term goal to get good grades and go to a good college. Here are some tips how to compose an essay that reflects the dilemma and the opposition of long term versus short term goals.

Remember a strong example

Think of different examples that you experienced that can depict easily the problem of short term and long-term goals. You might thing that you don’t have a long term goal, but thing again about all the things that you do every day. Your long term goal doesn’t have to be a good one, but you have to admit that it is there.

Go into details

Once you remembered a good example, write a detail analysis how that short term goal is affecting the long term one. Sometimes it can be thing that you might think that are not connected, but if you closely look at them, you will see the similarities. Also think about the things that you do, and if that are your goals or someone else’s (like your parents for example).

Ask people to tell you their experience

Ask people to tell you their experience and what they find difficult when trying to fulfill long term goals. It is often very difficult to thing about the good things that may come from a tiresome activity that we are obligated to do right now. If you want to be on time to school that probably means that you will have to get up really early in the morning. That is a difficult short term goal but if it means that you will go to a good college, you can somehow manage to get up early every day. Many people have similar experience to share with you, and that will help you out immensely with writing that essay.

Make a strong point

Make sure to tell exactly how you feel about this matter in the conclusion part of your essay. You may think that long term goals are not good, and you can state that as long as you have strong data and arguments that favor such statement.

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