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A List Of 20 Relevant Essay Topics For College Students

College is a whole new world for students and they are sometimes at a loss about how to cope with the sheer educational pressure. It is true that the scope of learning in college increases exponentially and it is also true that the level of your writing needs to assume a more critical stance to appeal to readers. However, the thing that scares them the most is having to write a “good” essay, one that will be well-received by teachers and peers alike. This takes a lot of time and effort and you often feel overwhelmed by it all. However, you can easily check out the essay topics below to find a few that will appeal to you and enable you to impress your readers.

List of topics

  1. What value does higher education hold in the life of a student?
  2. “Some people who drop out of school achieve greatness while others do not” - what do you make of this?
  3. Do you think multiracial schools are helpful for promoting a spirit of unity? Is it necessary to add cultural class to the current curriculum to foster this sense of harmony?
  4. Why is racial discrimination still rampant in the world despite its horrors being broadcasted in the media?
  5. Do you believe that anti-terrorist policies are instrumental in promoting ideals of terrorism?
  6. Does raising the security levels in organisations violate the rights of personal freedom?
  7. What are some of the common practices you have observed at airports? Do you think that they are restrictive in nature?
  8. What kind of measures can you adopt in order to prevent sexual assaults? Can you provide some ideas that will add to its efficiency?
  9. Discuss the moral condition of using inexpensive and overworked labour from some of the underdeveloped countries of the world.
  10. Is it right to consider bullying as a serious crime?
  11. Do you agree that exams are the only effective method to test the abilities of a student?
  12. How does fast food contribute to rising levels of obesity in the United States. Do you think it should be banned?
  13. What are the dangers of Internet browsing among kids?
  14. Do you think professional athletes and actors are paid too much?
  15. Is it right to use animals for scientific testing?
  16. Should the budget for space exploration be increased in the future?
  17. Have we become too dependent on computers?
  18. Should the age for voting be lowered to fifteen?
  19. Can students have a system in place that allows them to grade teachers?
  20. What do you think is the relevance of fashion?

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