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Creating An Interesting Essay About Nuclear Family And Extended Family

There have been drastic changes in family structure since old times. Today the most common ones prevalent are the nuclear family or the extended family. Nuclear or conjugal family is one where a couple stays with their unmarried off springs. Whereas, an extended or joint family is one where more than one couple stays with their off springs who would either be related to each other by blood or marriage.

The family structure

A conjugal family structure is very common in western countries though it is being widely adopted everywhere else due to financial ease and in pursuit of better lifestyle. Children in such families receive much of their parent’s attention that helps in developing their personality better. Children tend to become more frank with their parents and share a friendly bonding. Every member of the family becomes more responsible in handling their own chores. There is more of privacy and freedom in the lives of the family members. The comfort of doing things in their own way is a joy as there is nobody who has to be faced. Though there are disadvantages of staying in a conjugal home. Festivals become livelier and celebrations become more enjoyable with the entire family around. But this is only possible when each family member is genuinely happy to stay with the other. Egoism, hatred creeps in the relationship with passing time. Problems of superiority and inferiority spoil the fun of staying together.

The incorporated idea

A joint family is the best option for families staying in a country that is not covered under the social security net. Elders get protected from the torture of staying in an old age. Children are brought up differently with their grandparents around. They tend to become more adjustable and respectful of others.

These children learn about their native language, have a better knowledge about mythology and are more socially involved. Though there is financial support and work load division between the members of the family, the disadvantages of staying in a joint family cannot be overlooked. Conflicts and clashes become a part of life. Arguments between family members take away the joy of staying together. The younger generation gets impacted badly.

Looking into ties

The choice of staying in a particular family structure differs from person to person. Everything comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the person whether he view it to be a boon or a curse. If you need writing help, you can click to read here.

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