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Judgment Essay Examples: Advice For High School Students

An essay example gives you a head start when writing. You will avoid wasting time trying to figure out the format, word choice, citation, referencing, etc. It also provides a structure that will inform your final draft. It is important to get the right draft since any mistake will mislead your writing process and eventually affect your performance. Here are tips to consider when searching for an example of judgment paper.

Understand the Requirements

The examples available are not based on the instructions issued with the current assignment. There are general writing rules that do not change. However, a paper in social sciences will differ from on in biology. By having an idea of what is expected, you can choose a good sample from a poor quality one. You may also consider picking more than one sample. All instructions will not be captured in a single sample. You will also compare the execution of instructions on different papers and thus make a better choice.

Get From Reliable Sources

There are thousands of free judgment essay samples from libraries, online writing agencies, from peers, etc. However, not all samples are appropriate for use when drafting your paper. Some are hurriedly prepared for commercial purposes. This affects their quality. Use of unverified samples will affect your performance. Request your teacher to provide a sample. When getting the sample from your teacher, consult in case there are areas where you do not understand.

Do Not Copy

Samples act as a guide in your writing process. You might find an example based on the same title or topic. This is not an opportunity to copy. Any copied areas will be detected and action taken if they are not cited. Use the example as a reflection or reference point but do not copy what the other author has written.

Consider New and Unique Instructions

Each assignment is issued under new instructions. This makes it impossible to find an example that perfectly matches the paper you are expected to write. There may be variations in terms of formatting style, number of pages, spacing, number of citations, etc. Some sections may be omitted while others are merged. These differences should be reflected in your work.

A judgment essay demands your opinion on a contentious matter. An example helps you identify the best way to present your case and win the imagination of the reader. The sample should only be a guide and thus help you produce the best quality work.

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