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Free Tutorial On How To Write An Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative Essays Have a Different Structure

Argumentative essays follow a very specific format—one that is different from, say, an informative, descriptive, compare or contrast, or expository essay.

Argumentative, persuasive, and what are called “call to action” essays follow a specific structure all their own because in their nature they are all persuasive. You are persuading your reader to come over to your way of thinking (persuasive), you are arguing for something specific in a more vehement way (argumentative essay), or you are arguing and persuading your reader and then demanding that action be taken to change the situation (call to action)—which might move to a “we all must act now and do our own part to save our planet.

The Structure of Argumentative Essays

  1. I. Introduction:
  2. In the introduction of an argumentative essay, you want to immediately lure your reader in by making some, not only interesting statements about your topic, but ones that are stated with conviction.

    For example:

    In the past ten years, our ozone layer has depleted at a mammoth rate. Researcher note that “The ozone layer has depleted . . . (cite).

  3. II. Thesis Statement:
  4. This is where you put forth your major argument—it may not call for a specific action. But, rather, argue that something needs to be done as you move toward the closing. “We need to think seriously about what we can do to not only save our planet, but save ourselves—NOW.

    That would make a great closing line.

    Your thesis statement, however, might go like this

    “In this essay, I’m going to put forth the argument that we are not, the government included, doing enough to save our country, our planet, and ourselves from the devastation of the many crimes we are committing against nature.”

  5. III. Body paragraphs
  6. In these you will put forth ways we are destroying the planet, one by one, with research to back up your points.

    For example:

    One major way we are polluting our planet is through the harmful gasses created by . . . In fact, expert climatologist Nute Baker notes that “quote” (cite).

  7. IV. Acknowledge and Refute the Other Side’s Argument
  8. Where the Argumentative Essay Differs

    The argumentative essay must acknowledge the opponent’s key objection or key argument against their own.

    “Of course, opposers say these statistics are exaggerated and that, as Smith notes, “quote of opposition” (cite).

    Then, refute their opposing quote with evidence of your own.

  9. V. Bring it all to a close by saying something vehemently that will move your reader and state something given all you’ve already said.

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