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The 15 Most Interesting Topics For Compare And Contrast Essays

The compare and contrast essay is a favorite for many students simply because they get to express their ideals onto paper without being heavily criticized. What makes this whole exercise even better is when you get those exciting and interesting titles to write on and sufficient time to complete it.

Listed below will be fifteen of the most interesting and engaging topics that many students would jump at the chance to write on, especially it their work has to be graded. I have gathered from diverse and comprehensive charts from many nations in order to present you with sufficient pitfalls for you to be challenged and learn from. Enjoy your practice sessions as you write these essays.

  1. Write about two particular teachers in your school and how they complement each other.
  2. Talk about basketball and football and show how similar and different they are from each other.
  3. Discuss the healthy and dangerous ways people choose to deal with their weight issue.
  4. Describe what makes two close friends actually become this close and touch on some issues they may have.
  5. Highlight the similarities and differences between the leading brands of game consoles.
  6. How made the better deal between Microsoft and Apple when it comes to programming and distribution?
  7. What makes the difference between the most common eatery in a nation and the first runner up?
  8. Compare the attitudes between people who like cats and people who like dogs. State their social nature and temperament.
  9. Comment on the nature of the election campaign that is currently underway in America nowadays.
  10. State the differences between four door sports sedans and its two door cousins in terms of performance and efficiency.
  11. Write a compare and contrast paper on the history of a place and how it is being used currently.
  12. Gather the opinions of students when asked to compare the traditional way of teaching which entails coming to class as opposed to the digital arena where only a computer and an internet connection is needed.
  13. Discuss the differences between secure urban villages and their hostile neighboring hoods.
  14. Are there enough differences between Iceland and Greenland to prepare a proper compare and contrast essay? If so, create one just for good measure.
  15. Explain how diversely different love is to infatuation or lust. This exercise should present you with an easy way to attain high marks in a test if this skill were to be tested.

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