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Where Do I Find An Example Of A Well-Written Informal Essay?

The purpose of an informal essay is mainly for entertainment or enjoyment. That doesn’t mean that it may not be persuasive or informative or even argumentative. However, any secondary styles would be expressed in a more relaxed tone than usual.

What to look for in a well-written informal piece

  • It should be a piece of enjoyable reading
  • Should exude a relaxed expression, whether observation, humor, pleasure or opinion
  • Has a relaxed style but strong structure
  • Doesn’t have to rigidly adhere to formal structures and formats
  • More personal than formal
  • More subjective than objective
  • Speak directly to reader using a conversational style
  • Maintain a sense of the author’s personality
  • Doesn’t sound academic, yet avoids sounding sloppy
  • Has been effectively proofread

Places to look for high quality informal essay examples

There are a number of places you can check when looking to find a good example of an informal piece. Examples are really great because they can help you to get an idea of what is expected, how the paper should look and feel when you read it, how you can incorporate different elements and so on.

  • Check an online paper writing company. There are loads to choose from. Some supply examples at no cost and some don’t. One thing to watch out for, is whether you can trust the example as being high quality or not. In that case, you may want to pay a small fee for an example so you can be surer of the quality. You can also hire a writer to create one for you.
  • Ask your teacher. Often they will keep examples of former students’ papers so that subsequent classes can see what the teacher deems to be a successfully written piece. The high advantage of choosing this strategy is that you know your teacher has approved of these examples. They are exactly what is expected.
  • Look in libraries. You can find examples in books or archives.
  • Look online at college and university websites. If you are a high school student, look at a high school website.
  • Many times there are examples posted. You can look them over and get a really good idea as to how to structure and create your own piece. There are many online to choose from.

With a little bit of searching you should be able to easily round up several good examples to use.

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