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In Quest Of A Travel Scholarship Essay Example

For some students, one of their greatest dreams is to travel abroad and receive their education in another country. While this can be rather expensive, it offers experience like no others. Additionally, you may be able to write a scholarship essay to help absorb some of the costs. If you need a little guidance, check out a few example essays. Here is where to look.

Your Friends

Chances are, you are not the only person in your class working to write papers for scholarships. You may even be able to find help from older students, who submitted their scholarship applications a year or two earlier. As you look through your friends’ applications, however, be sure you are getting ideas and then working to make your paper your own.

Writing Services

You will find that writing services do any kind of work for students, whether you need a paper for English class or a scholarship application. This makes them a great place to dig up samples, since they often like to provide examples of the work they can do to potential customers. As you browse through these, remember that most of them have already been submitted for previous students. Do not copy them or you may find that the scholarship committee rejects your application on grounds of plagiarism.

Check Online

When it comes to samples of various types of writing, you can find almost anything online. All you have to do is go to your favorite search engine and type in that you are looking for travel scholarship examples. As you peruse through the samples that will result, be sure that you are choosing those that come from credible websites. Aside from examples from writing services, try to stick to credible resources. A good guideline is to seek out websites that end in .edu (educational), .org (organizational), or .gov (government). These are all considered to be reliable sources.

As you look through the various examples that you can find to help with your scholarship essay, be sure that you are taking away the important points and leaving the rest. You do not want to submit something that looks like the standard application. Try your best to include information that makes your paper stand out in order to catch the eye of the scholarship committee if you want a good shot at winning the scholarship.

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