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Expert's Guide To Writing An Essay About Nuclear Technology

Nuclear technology is one of the most interesting and controversial subjects around. Choosing this topic for a paper ensures you'll have lots of research available as a resource. Here are nine tips to help you craft a great essay on the subject.

  1. Narrow your focus. Nuclear technology is a very broad subject. Within the area of nuclear technology you find nuclear energy, nuclear medicine and nuclear weapons as major categories. Choose one of these areas and then choose a specific topic.
  2. Create a thesis statement. Decide the point you wish to make with your paper, and create a one or two sentence thesis statement that sums up this point. This will be the argument you make, and will help you narrow your research focus.
  3. Research your topic. Now that you have a thesis statement, find the research you will use to back up your argument. This part of creating your essay may be the one that takes the most time. However, if you've been studying your topic in class, you may have much of the information at your fingertips.
  4. Don't avoid controversy. Nuclear technology is a rich topic, filled with many pro and con arguments and much controversy. Depending upon the guidelines given to you by your teacher, you may or may not be making an argument for or against the technology. Even if this is not part of the paper's requirements, it may be a good idea to at least discuss the controversy surrounding the use of nuclear and radiation.
  5. Create an outline. Many students skip this step, but it is one of the most important steps to creating an essay that reads well and flows in a logical fashion. The time you take creating an outline will be time saved in writing your paper, since the overall structure of the paper will be complete. Your outline should list all of the major points of your paper in a logical order. Rearrange the order, if needed, until you get an outline that builds your argument or point.
  6. Fill in the blanks. Begin writing your paper, using the outline as your guide. Fill in the details for each point within the body of the paper.
  7. Write an introduction and conclusion. Your introduction and, especially your conclusion, are easier to write after creating the body of your paper. Use your thesis statement to help you in creating your introduction and conclusion.
  8. Read and edit. Once your first draft is complete, read it and make appropriate edits. Don't forget to edit for content, grammar and punctuation. It's a good idea to ask someone else to read and correct your paper, too.
  9. Write the final draft. Your paper may require several drafts. Keep working until you've created a solid argument and perfected the paper's details.

The subject of nuclear technology offers you many alternatives for writing a great paper. Keep these nine steps in mind and you are sure to write your best paper ever.

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