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How To Complete A Winning Five Paragraph Essay About Yourself?

Writing an amazing essay is all about customising the topic as per one’s own experiences and observations, and using a good vocabulary to properly articulate the author’s feeling and opinions. It is absolutely necessary to get the message of the writing across to the readers and for that the author must be fully aware of who his or her target audience is. The subject matter must also be structured so that the readers do not have a hard time finding links between the information provided.

Good articulation skills

In order to write a perfect essay about one’s own self that will be praised and noted by the readers, the author must, first and foremost, possess excellent articulation skills. This is necessary to clearly express what the author feels about himself or herself, and life, in general. Without these skills, it is impossible to write on oneself as it is a topic that must be interpreted as a way of expressing oneself through writing in such a way that the readers come to know all that is interesting about the author.

General self-awareness

General self-awareness means that the author must have an overall concept of his or her own personality. This includes that he or she must have the ability to introspect and retrospect on his actions and motives. These are certain skills that is necessary to know oneself sufficiently to express himself or herself on paper in writing. The author should not be ambiguous in terms of knowing who he or she is, and if ambiguity prevails, it must be relevantly justified.

Impeccable vocabulary

The author must at all cost have a good vocabulary, because:

  • This is important for properly being able to express the author’s views and opinions.
  • Knowledge of certain technical terms makes the read all the more interesting and look more sophisticated.
  • Sometimes, the synonym of a word will not be appropriate to a certain context. In this case, it is important that the author comes up with a word that will not stick out like a sore thumb.

Keeping the word limit in mind

It appears very unprofessional when a composition exceeds its specified word limit. It becomes a rant more than a proper piece of writing. The author should always keep the word count in mind while writing a composition. This ensures that the writing is well received by the readers and does not bore them. Short and sweet is key.

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